The intensive need for effective bird control measures

One bird control product with uses in many settings

Bird control
Avoid the prescences and attack of the bird using the bird net.

Efficient bird control is a pivotal necessity, agriculturally, aquatically and even in personal environments. Seemingly harmless and even at times docile, birds can harbor an insurmountable level of damage. Crops, fruits, vegetation, flowers and also private residential buildings can be negatively impacted by these creatures. It is with this in mind, that effective measures need to be taken and put into place, to ensure protection and longevity of produce and structures. There are many products on the market, but none offers the high quality standards of Hortomalla’s. There are many factors to consider when searching for efficient control that would depend on an individual’s needs.

Agricultural uses and importance of bird control

For the agricultural interests of a farmer to be sufficiently protected, proficient equipment needs to be put into place. Birds have a bad habit of destroying the hard intensive labor employed by farmers and workers all around the world. At times their behavior tends to become dangerous, more so when they migrate. The massive flocks of birds cause terrible damage to farmlands and hinder its yields. This disregards the quality of the produce and ultimately destroys it completely. Everyone involved is affected negatively, and it takes a considerable amount of time to get the process going again. Bird control is one of the most effective ways to protect ones hard earned supply.

bird on cherry tree
The bird net don’t cause damage to your crops, providing a good protectiong against the bird attack.

A concern with using such a type of plastic netting would be damage to crops caused by the increased weight of the net. Downward force would cause abrasions on certain types of produce and inhibit its growth potential. Not with this product. Every possible factor has been taken into consideration as best as possible to not only protect your crops from preying birds, but to do so safely. The systematic design of such plastic netting leads to an agriculturally favorable product. The nets are extremely lightweight and will not cause any type of damage to your crop should there be any contact. It is easy to setup, simple to resize and manufactured to be as user friendly as possible.

Many ‘bird deterrents’ have been tried, tested and listed as failures. None of these are as effective as erecting a physical structure to keep them out. The easy design has already been trimmed down into manageable sizes for easy transportation and handling in the desired environment. Its flexibility allows it to be easily maneuvered over any sort of terrain and crop type. Even with the net laying directly atop a row of produce, no negative impacts will be experienced. The incredibly lightweight material allows for easy lifting for higher installations. Birds are kept further away from the goods, increasing its safety.

raspberry tree using bird net for protection
The bird netting provide a good caring for all fruits of your garden.

A major factor that is becoming more of a massive concern is the excessive use of pesticides on crops. Pesticides in and of itself are not only used to deter damaging insects, but also to keep birds at bay. Keep in mind though, that many times, the bird would have already bitten into the fruit or vegetable before feeling the effects of the poison. Sometimes the smell is just not enough, and by then it is too late. The indentation, bite mark or hole, left by the bird increases decomposition of the product dramatically. Unfortunately this cannot be sold and the farmer begins to lose income. Now spread this over a row or even a field and the magnitude of the horrific damage becomes very real. The bird control measures are necessary not only for the protection of your crops, but also for the health and safety of the consumers. The netting is made out of non-toxic, non-harmful materials and will not alter the genetic structure of the yields in any way.

A further way to enhance the quality, safety and turnaround time of your yield is by employing our sea of green method. Uniformity is one of many key factors in efficient crop growing practices. It lends itself to equal growing times, which increases harvest output. Bacteria, viruses and infections are also kept at bay thanks to the intricate design of the sea of green which allows the sufficient air circulation between crops. Hand intensive handling is also kept to a minimum due to the practical layout, and further reduces the risks of infection. This paired with the bird control netting is a brilliant duo for increased productivity.

Uses in an aquatic environment

Fish hatcheries, fish farms, oyster farms, shrimp farms, catfish farms, face the same issue. Preying birds! These flying foes have no mercy for hard work and intensive labor, and will feed on the livestock. The usual methods, including scarecrows and noise-blasts, are really not effective. Even less so, as time goes by. These are smart creatures and the only way to inhibit their attacks is by employing the proper preventative measures. Bird netting is actually the only surefire way to keep these pests away from the aquatic inhabitants. Man hours are lost during attacks and causes monetary losses, as well decreased turnaround times.

Important urban usage

bird net providing protection to crops in garden
Avoid that your crops infest your garden of house using the bird net for control of the birds.

Birds do not only have detrimental effects out in open fields or in gardens. They successfully bring their destructive nature into urban areas as well. Building rooftops, stairwells even between ‘spike barriers,’ all succumb to the damage that nesting pigeons bring. There are no bounds as to where they will nest, eat and defecate. The defecation causes further issues to the exterior structure of business and residential buildings. The paint gets eaten away, metal is eroded and the task of proficiently cleaning it becomes a tiresome, and usually at times, a costly one. Bird netting is safe and easily keeps these pigeons at bay. No harm comes to them and the structural integrity of buildings is maintained.

The best decision one can make

Bird control, beyond any reasonable doubt, saves valuable time, money and labor. Pests can cause massive damage that is completely irreversible. The only way to actually make a difference is to take necessary action from the onset. Installing these nets really do not take up a lot of time or effort and will save so much more, by protecting fresh produce from vicious air strikes.

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