Bird Control Devices from the Low to Full Protection

Different Methods of Bird Control

Harmless Methods of Stopping the Pest Birds


Bird control encompasses different methods that enable us to prevent birds from entering the property and making damage by landing or nesting in places where they are unwelcome. Birds often behave as number one pests. It is not necessary to do some harm to birds to eliminate the threat. Just the opposite, bird control methods are sophisticated procedures in accordance with birds’ protection regulations. They are important not only for the prevention of the damage to the crops or other assets but also in prevention of some serious health issues. The orchards are the favorite target of pest birds. The first problem in applying physical barriers, visual or sonic deterrents or chemicals is that birds in short times get used to them. Their adaptation to avian control devices is a result of a natural instinct. Once they detect the false threat they become resistant. Most efficient control devices are physical blockades or the modifiers of birds’ behavior. Such modification is possible to accomplish by a light and harmless electroshock.

Bird Control
The bird net avoid that the birds cause damages to the health of the plants.

Effective and Less Effective Avian Control Devices


Avian control devices that stand as physical barriers are mostly made of stainless steel or top quality plastic materials. They include spikes, wire systems, electrified tracks, chemicals and bird netting. Spikes are sharp, and there is always a risk of impaling birds by accident, especially in heavy wind weather condition. The shocking and blocking option is a better solution while netting and wires have been recommended by the authorities in the field of bird control. Although many different products are widely used they are not all equally effective in every situation. The general opinion is that netting and mesh are most effective methods besides shocking wire. Chemical deterrents, on the other side, might be dangerous. If they are applied with the intention to kill birds, they are restricted. In all other cases, they are widely applied with limited results. The similar low effect is present by sonic avian deterrents too. Though, they have been implemented in the open air. Soon after the initial, contact birds become used to the sound. Bird control includes also ultrasonic waves. However, it is disputable if they are effective since birds have the similar hearing sense to humans. In short times, birds habituate the restricted area. The best option is to use some proven bird pests’ deterrent system such as netting, and audible devices can be applied as an additional protection.

crops garden using bird net
You the avian control devices are a good auxiliar for use in the protection of the crops against the birds attack.

Meshes in Commercial and Industrial Use

trees using bird net for avoid birds attack
The bird netting is very resistant and durable for protection and care of the plants.

A mesh is a physical barrier that can be made of different materials. Plastic, metal or fiber are all flexible materials and therefore suitable to build strands. A wire mesh is a metal product, also known as wire cloth or wire fabric. Most often, it is manufactured from copper, aluminum or brass. Some materials are reinforced with bronze or steel. Aluminum mesh is lightweight while stainless steel is heavier. The versatile structure depends on how the mesh was produced. It may be woven, knitted or welded. Meshes are often used for bird control or securing areas in general. Park benches and baskets for the variety of purposes can also be made of the mesh. It is not a rare case that it has been used for poultry fencing or building of humane wild animals’ traps. This product is equally suitable for commercial and industrial use. Uniform grid patterns of welded meshes look nice while surrounding your property, and they are secure. Animal cages are often made of this kind of mesh. Meshes produced of some sort of steel are usually woven. Speaking of the price, the PVC coated mesh is cost-effective, durable, and corrosion resistant. PVC is an excellent insulation for carbon and galvanized steel.

Put the Pest Birds Under Control

bird in cherry crops
The bird net provide to your plants and their fruits for avoid that the birds peck fruit.

A lot of birds are frugivores and some that are omnivores include fruits into their nutrition. Orchards are their favorite target. Whether you are a big farmer or you are growing fruits in your backyard, protecting fruit trees from birds is number one task on your plan. Bad weather is something you cannot control but birds you can. The worst is that they will not steal one fruit and eat it out to the end. They will peck from fruit to fruit, ruining the quality of the crops in very short period. Damaged fruits lose its value fast. Some sorts, such as apples and pears ripen in the fall when there are enough wild berries. At that time, they might not be the birds’ first choice but you better play safe and install the reliable protection. The variety of scare devices is nowadays overcome. Yes, birds will be temporarily scared of sun reflection but quickly will they adapt. They learn fast what the real threat to their survival in the restricted area is not. Invest wisely in the bird control installation that is cost-effective, long-lasting, and efficient. Proper protection provides your trees enough space to grow and it is sturdy to resist the weight of the branches or heavy wind.

Most nets are easily removable in the winter time. They can be stored and kept for the next season. Birds cannot adapt to a physical barrier. These blocking bird control methods pay off as the best investment among avian control devices. Year after year, the problem with birds persists. As soon as you decide to solve this problem, you will be able to throw your full attention to other important stages of growing fruits. At the moment birds try to approach your orchard, they will encounter the insurmountable obstacle that will deter them. As they quickly become discouraged, soon will they target some other place to invade. A lot of methods are implementable in the rural as well as in urban areas on buildings or on other architecture. Most important, proven products are humane and in accordance with the regulations. They will deter birds without harming them.

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