Bird control keeps birds away from crops

Bird control netting is an essential tool used to minimize crop damage caused by birds. It’s a practical and cost-effective way to keep birds away from your crops and protect your food supply. In addition to providing an effective barrier against bird damage. Bird control netting is also known to be aesthetically pleasing, as it can blend in with the surrounding environment. The most common type of bird netting used for crop control is knitted polyethylene netting.

This netting consists of a fine mesh, typically 2 by 2 inches, which helps deter birds from entering protected areas. It’s lightweight and strong, making it easy to install and lasting for years. Additional benefits of knitted polyethylene bird netting are that it’s flexible and can be draped over objects to create a signal of exclusion. The standard colors for this type of netting are black, white, or green. For certain crops, it’s useful to apply a bird netting over the entire field. By doing this, the entire area is protected from bird damage.


The netting serves as a wall between the birds and the crops. To ensure complete coverage, the netting should be secured close to the ground and in areas where birds may perch. It’s necessary to consistently check that the netting is intact. As birds may find weak spots in the netting and damage the crops. Another option is to attach bird netting to the crop, such as on fruit trees or other tall vegetation.


This type of approach may be preferable in areas where a perching bird is likely to stay on the growing crop. As opposed to flying off to detect another spot. To effectively attach the netting. It should be tightly wrapped from one side of the tree or plant and secured to the other side. Birds are a top concern for farmers as they can cause significant crop damage. To protect your crops, bird control netting is the ideal tool to keep birds away, allowing for a bountiful harvest. By selecting high-quality. Knitted polyethylene bird netting and making sure it’s correctly installed and secure. Farmers can have peace of mind and the assurance of a successful crop season.

Bird control netting

Bird control netting is an important tool for managing avian pests in agricultural, industrial, residential and recreational settings. It has been proven to be an effective and humane way of controlling pest birds and preventing them from causing damage or health concerns. Bird netting is used to protect agricultural crops, gardens, and other areas from birds that may consume the produce or damage the intended growth.

The netting is made from strong, UV-resistant nylon or polyethylene, so it will last for years of use in the outdoors. It comes with multiple sizes and mesh styles, making it a very versatile and customizable product for bird control. Bird netting can also be used in industrial settings, such as warehouses and factories, to protect inventory and deter birds from nesting in hard to reach places.


This type of netting also helps keep birds out of shop windows and other areas that could be a hazard. It’s also been demonstrated to be effective in reducing the spread of bird-borne diseases in crowded urban areas. At residential and recreational settings, bird netting is typically used to preserve outdoor areas such as outdoor patios and decks, and prevent birds from nesting in attic areas or at roofs. It is also used in gardens to keep birds away from newly planted seeds, fruits, and vegetables.


Bird netting is an effective solution to all of these problems, while also remaining unobtrusive and virtually invisible in your outdoor areas. In addition to being a practical solution, bird control netting is also an eco-friendly option. The netting is designed to be safe for birds and other animals, so you don’t have to worry about it harming any wildlife. Furthermore, the netting can be quickly and easily installed, and can be taken care of quite easily.

For commercial-grade bird netting applications, it’s important to get the help of an experienced, professional bird control specialist. Such an expert can help you find the netting that best suits your needs, and can help you properly install and maintain the netting so that it’s effective at deterring birds for years. No matter the application, bird control netting is an effective and humane way of keeping birds away from your home, business, or recreational areas. By providing a barrier, it helps to protect against damage and keep birds away, while remaining unobtrusive, safe, and eco-friendly. It’s an effective solution that has proven its worth in many applications, so consider how bird netting might help you.

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